Hi, We're Kuhl Baby

We create sustainable, functional, and most importantly, comfy bamboo basics for little ones.

Kuhl Baby was started to challenge the existing idea that quality bamboo fabric has to cost a lot. For us, quality and affordability go hand in hand. We carefully choose premium materials and timeless designs so our products don't just feel nicer, they last longer, and they cost less - on purpose.

The Story Behind Kuhl Baby

After successfully completing IVF to create my sweet little girl, I was positive motherhood would be a simpler experience since the road to getting her here was nothing short of a miracle. 

Elle Kuhl was born July 5 entering the world like a true firework and has never, not once, wavered from that identity. While I have found peace in making light of her firecracker temperament now, Elle did suffer from a heart wrenching case of colic.

Very little is known about colic and is more so a word for the uncertainty around why babies experience painful crying episodes lasting 4+ hours per day for 4+ days per week. Although it isn’t life threatening, for our family, colic was debilitating, isolating, and just devastating. We never found the root cause for Elle's colic, but we did discover a product that helped - bamboo clothing.

When babies cry especially colic babies, they tend to get extremely warm, experience redness and even sweat which leads to more crying. So everyday we found ourselves dressing and undressing Elle during her colic episodes to try and regulate her temperature which you guessed it, led to more crying.

One day, we happened to dress her in a bamboo onesie and while it didn’t cure her colic, what we did notice is that it made a drastic difference in her ability to regulate her temperature which led to less crying! This fabric truly gifted us some semblance of sanity and for that, we are forever grateful. But with the average bamboo onesie costing $35, it wasn’t realistic to think we could outfit Elle in all bamboo every day.

That’s when I got the idea for Kuhl Baby. I set out to source responsible, excellent quality bamboo fabric at a reasonable price. After over an entire year of finding the right partner and testing over 40 prototypes, I landed on the perfect option and thus, Kuhl Baby was born.